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Futureminded Founder Q&A: Richard Chambers, Get A Drip

On a mission to make vitamin therapy available to the masses, Get A Drip are shaking up the supplement industry by offering affordable IV vitamin drips and booster shots, in accessible locations. Administering nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, their wide range of options includes a fitness package, a mood boost and even a party drip.

Founded in 2017, Get A Drip is going from strength to strength, with two permanent clinics, having hosted several pop-ups and attracted a whole host of celebrity followers. We caught up with founder Richard Chambers to hear about his business journey...

Who? Richard Chambers, Founder

Disruptor Brand: Get A Drip

Founded: 2017

Employees: 20

Parent Company: Independently owned

What inspired you to create Get A Drip?

The idea for Get A Drip first came to me when I was admitted to intensive care in 2010 with Ketacidosis, due to complications with my Type 1 Diabetes. It got me thinking how great I felt after having an IV Drip as part of my treatment.

Following this, I was continually in and out of hospital for the next 7 years due to issues related to a reduced immune system, where often as part of the treatment I would be hooked up to an IV Drip.

After researching the options available to me I realised that vitamin drips are really expensive and not accessible to anyone but the super wealthy! I decided to change this. After years researching the benefits of drips and studying the work of Dr. John Myers (the vitamin drip pioneer), Get A Drip finally came to fruition in October 2017.

Since then we have administered over 5,000 vitamin drips and booster shots, have clinics in Boxpark in Shoreditch and Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, and are the UK’s leading vitamin drip provider.

What were the big lessons you learned in your first year as a business?

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is the value of hiring good people. My staff are the face of the business and they make or break the brand. I’ve been lucky to have some amazing people work for me and our five-star Google reviews often mention our staff as the highlight of their visit. I’m very proud of my team!

What are the brand values and promises you stand behind?

There are three key things that I keep in mind:

Accessible - The reason I started Get A Drip was to make vitamin drips accessible and affordable to the general public. For this reason, we have a strict strategy about where we open our clinics - we don’t want to hide away on Harley Street, we want to be out in the open and approachable, like in our Westfield London clinic.

Friendly - A lot of people are scared of needles and hospitals, so we like to make the experience as relaxed as possible. We deliberately stay away from a clinical feel and instead try to make our customers feel at home and looked after. We have the highest medical and health and safety standards, but in a more approachable environment. Our staff are also welcoming and friendly and more than happy to answer questions and help people feel at ease.

Quality - We pride ourselves on having the best quality ingredients, cutting edge products and the highest standards in health & safety and client care. We want to be a shining example in the industry.

What’s next for Get A Drip?

More stores across London and beyond, lots of new partnerships and some exciting product launches!

Give us a quick insight into a day in your life?

No two days are alike, which is what I love about my job. We have clinics in Boxpark Shoreditch and Westfield London so I’m often popping into the clinics to chat to staff and customers. If I’m not in the clinic then I’ll be working in The Curtain in Shoreditch or meeting investors or potential partners.

What’s your personal mantra?

React quickly! We’re always trying new things and respond quickly to customer demand, introducing new products or trying new partnerships. We like to move quickly and test new ideas to see what works. Working this way means that we can stop doing things that don’t work and keep doing things that do, and keep continually evolving.

What’s your favourite self-care activity?

Having a Vitamin Drip! Self-care isn’t just about taking a bath and relaxing, it’s about really caring for your body to ensure you’re healthy enough to take on the challenges of modern life and be there for others. I see my drips as an insurance policy to give me optimum nutrition, help me to prevent illness, and be as healthy as I possibly can be.

What’s your favourite book?

Play Bigger (by Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Peterson, and Kevin Maney). It’s a unique way at looking at doing business and becoming king of your own category. I’ve bought it for everyone in my business to help them think differently about the way we work.

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