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Phil Banfield, VentureField: How to Create a Compelling Product Pitch

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

As a key element of the Futureminded event framework, our series of Masterclasses will provide delegates with actionable market insights and an opportunity to engage in debate with thought leaders in the food, wellness and hospitality industries. Featuring a carefully curated line-up of speakers, topics to be discussed include how to design a compelling next-generation brand and how to influence important other into positive action.

Theoretically, anyone is capable of having a bright idea, but convincing someone else that it’s worth buying into can be more of a challenge. As the founder and managing director of VentureField, a consultancy that specialises in helping start-ups and established businesses enhance their commercial performance, Philip Banfield understands that creating a narrative that encourages others to embrace your idea is about much more than just having an exciting elevator pitch.

A former executive for brands including Marks & Spencer and Associated British Foods, over the past decade Philip has successfully advised the founders, management teams and investors of many food, drink, health and beauty and retail businesses, supporting them in their commercial operation as well as helping with their strategic direction and purpose. His clients have included Image Skincare, CafePod, Biotiful Diary, Rebel Kitchen and Plenish.

What to expect?

Most new business founders will already be aware of the uncomfortable and unfortunate truth that the majority of start-ups will fail within their first two years of life. But often, it’s not necessarily because of bad ideas that they don’t make the cut: it’s the groundwork that’s not in place.

In this all-encompassing talk, Philip will discuss not only what a compelling pitch looks like, but the steps that go into creating one, such as enhancing your persuasive power, knowing your consumer and how to enhance your credibility. Plus, he’ll discuss the importance of considering the history behind your proposed product as well as what else is on the horizon for your industry of choice.

About VentureField

Offering consulting, training and a Fast Start action team, Venutrefield immerse themselves businesses and use their collective experience and thought leadership to develop pragmatic solutions to help both start-ups and established businesses with UK and internationally bolster their commercial performance.

Able to execute ideas from start-up to scale up, their expertise covers market strategy, business planning and investment raising, as well as developing compelling product, trade and store marketing propositions, customer engagement, sales and even recruitment.

Philip will be delivering his pitching masterclass at Futureminded on 30 October 2019. If you're a next generation brand and are interested in attending, get in touch.

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