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Ludovic Rossignol-Isanovic: Re-shaping Your Business For A Post-Covid World

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As a key element of the Futureminded event framework, our series of Futureminded Masterclasses will provide delegates with actionable market insights and an opportunity to engage in debate with thought leaders in the food, wellness, and hospitality industries. Featuring a carefully curated line-up of speakers, topics to be discussed include expert guidance on how to attract the attention of major retailers and a review of in-depth research into the way in which covid-19 has re-shaped the wellness industry.

It goes almost without saying that there is not a busines on earth that has not, for better or for worse, been impacted by emergence of covid-19. Amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty and an externally enforced shift in consumer behaviours, both small brands and established retailers have had to be more innovative than ever before. For many business owners, futureproofing their business has become an immediate priority.

What to expect

In what is sure to be a valuable talk for any decision maker, Ludovic will use the information gained from Balance Festival’s UK Covid-19 Wellness Impact Report - which surveyed over 3000 wellness-engaged consumers about their lifestyle changes and future plans - and a follow up survey, taken in October 2020, to provide you with the tools to help your business adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Also drawing on Balance Festival’s 2020 Megatrend Report, this discussion will use data-driven insights to shed light on the new customer behaviours shaping the world of wellness and discuss ways to recalibrate your business to meet those demands.

About Ludovic

Ludovic Rossignol-Isanovic is an event trailblazer and serial entrepreneur currently working in the health and wellness, coffee, hospitality and lifestyle industries. Over the last decade, with his business partner Jeffrey Young, Ludovic has built a global portfolio of coffee festivals which operate across three continents and in nine cities, including London, Amsterdam, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Dubai and Cape Town.

Now, he is at the forefront of adapting the events industry for the post-covid world, including spearheading the launch of the Global Coffee Festival, which will see 12 hours of non-stop broadcasting from 12 cities across the world. Revolving around the theme ‘refocusing, rebuilding and reigniting the global coffee & hospitality community,’ the festival aims to educate and inspire audiences and celebrate excellence in coffee and hospitality.

Besides his work in the coffee industry, Ludovic is also the mastermind behind Balance Festival – the UK’s largest health and wellness event. In 2019, he created Futureminded Events, a business accelerator platform for next generation brands.

About Balance Festival

Balance Festival unites world-class fitness trainers, yoga icons, wellness experts and inspiring chefs with real people and innovative brands who share a common vision: to achieve a better self.

Encouraging audiences to shape their own ‘happy, fit and healthy’ revolution, Balance Festival covers all aspects of wellbeing by providing an unrivalled and highly immersive festival experience, as well as inspiring content via the Balance Journal, the Balance Edit and Balance TV.

With a highly engaged and highly satisfied audience – 91%* of 2019 attendees said that they would recommend the event to a friend and 81% said that they discovered new brands at the event – Balance Festival is at the forefront of the UK wellness industry.

* Source: 743 post-event visitor surveys, May 2019

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