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Mark Machin, Soil Association: Talking to the new consumer - The Food Citizen

As a key element of the Futureminded event framework, our series of Futureminded Masterclasses will provide delegates with actionable market insights and an opportunity to engage in debate with thought leaders in the food, wellness, and hospitality industries. Featuring a carefully curated line-up of speakers, topics to be discussed include expert guidance on how to attract the attention of major retailers and a review of in-depth research into the way in which covid-19 has re-shaped the wellness industry.

If there’s one thing that future-minded brands know, it’s that their customer are increasingly well informed. With one of the key areas of interest to the modern consumer being sustainability, ‘food citizens’ expect planet-centric brands to clearly identify a product that meets the myriad of sustainability issues in a short and effective message. How to do this? One example, would be the word ‘organic.’

What to expect

In a talk that draws on in-depth research and extensive industry knowledge, Soil Association’s Mark Machin will discuss how the organic label meets many relatable drivers in the conscious consumer’s mind, and shares his professional insight on how food businesses can bring more identity to their brand.

With such change afoot in the world right now, we will also look to the future and consider how, in an unstable market, organic produce has come to the fore and is on track to continue to grow as a significant part of the food sector into 2021.

About Mark Machin

After working in the hotel and restaurant industry for 15 years, Mark discovered the value of sustainable, organic farming in Provencal France. The relationships he formed with the organic growers that work with the seasons helped develop the young organic chef’s mind around the way he treats ingredients, but also the supply chain partners he works with. This close working relationship provided a language to talk to restaurant diners about the values of good food, from a sustainable source.

Food with integrity, a sense of place and a simple commitment to quality is key to his philosophy. He is proud to now work as an advocate for modern sustainable farming and to be part of an organisation that has for many years worked in the shadows and now finds its message on the lips of food professionals and consumers alike.

About the Soil Association

Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of pioneering farmers who were concerned about the direction agriculture was taking in the post-war years. They shared a belief that there is an intrinsic link between soil and human health and that through a holistic, whole system approach to agriculture we are farming for the future of mankind.

This marked the birth of the organic movement, and today the Soil Association Certification supports 70% of organic businesses access this enviable market through accreditation, technical expertise, market insight and consumer engagement. The Soil Association organic symbol offers reassurance and gives confidence that a product meets a respected and trusted set of internationally recognised standards.

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